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Babus Clothing introduces for the very first time, chic and stylish dresses from the popular Pakistani designer Warda in UK.

Setting their stone in 2006, Warda has rapidly climbed up the stairs of success because of their premium quality, outstanding and fashion forward designs and an exemplary customer service. What makes Warda a one of a kind brand is their modern styling and cuts infused with a vast variety of colors and prints. Each design has its own story to tell which makes it even more attractive to the sight.

The specialty of Warda lies in its Pret-wear (ready-to-wear) in lawn, cotton, chiffon, swiss voile, and khaddar. The product line consists of something for everyone so that you never leave empty handed. The highlight of their closet is the Embroidered and Chikan Kari collection.

Babus Clothing presents the full closet of Warda Pret wear for women in the UK. Get your hands on the latest collection by Warda in UK only from Babus Clothing.

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Warda Chikan Kari Lawn Collection

The delicate patterns and designs of the embroideries mesmerize you the instant you set your eyes on them. Painted on the canvas of textures like lawn, chiffon, jacquard and swiss voile, each dress carries an elegance that is simply unmatched. The Chikan Kari dresses have a class of themselves that makes them stand out among all. The colors of the Chikan Kari work are so bright and vibrant that makes it impossible to not admire and fall in love with them. Let’s talk about the color palettes. Warda uses colors that are an absolute treat to the eyes. A perfect blend of calm and vibrant hues is something everyone looks for in a perfect dress.

With blossoming prints and bright, vibrant colors, Warda celebrates the summer season in its full spirit. Offering the best quality dresses with the ease of delivery at your doorstep. Babus Clothing has everything from the store of Warda for modern and fashion forward women of UK.

With so much on track let’s take you to another fashion journey that revolves around Warda Chikan Kari Lawn Collection. As UK gets the temperature rising day by day we are here to treat you Pakistani’s with Branded light weighted fabric Chikan Kari Lawn that best for your summer day.

Now you can wear your favorite Warda’s designs on soft and comfortable fabric and whatever shade you choose to wear. The shades are all striking and smart to wear. They carry Chiffon dupatta’s and simple trousers. Since Ramadan is hardly a few weeks away, let’s fancy our closets for Holy Jummahs in Ramadan with these simple casuals perfect for humid weather.

These outfits are in ready to wear form. All you need to do is order these simple outfits from Babus Clothing and get excited for the order to arrive on time. Giving importance to your casual clothes is as important as is for any other occasion. Its refreshes your mind and gives a positive vibe to hang out with all day long. This is the reason why Babus Clothing gives you an uncountable range of casuals to opt for. So ladies think smart, think active and make your life fun with fashion and creativity even by staying at home. Lawn and Chiffon are the best partners that make casuals worth wearing. Warda gives you a mesmerizing opportunity to find the right dress for you to wear NOW! Don’t miss it and grab the discounts NOW!

chikan kari lawn collecion 2020

Warda Digital Printed Lawn Collection

with Reasonable Prices!

digital printed lawn collection in uk

Warda who already got famed because of its designs. They launched their latest Digital Printed Lawn Collection.

This collection is full of beautiful designs and patterns. They catch your eyes the moment you see them. The suits in this collection are three-piece. A digitally printed lawn shirt, a digital printed lawn dupatta, and a cotton trouser. A complete combo! Each three-piece dress is completely synced according to colors and designs. You will not find (unlike other Pakistani Brands) shirts out of contrast with dupattas. As if shirt, dupatta, and trouser were randomly put together.

These dresses are perfect for a casual outing. As they are not embroidered or embellished.

Plus, all suits in Warda Digital Printed Lawn Collection are ready-made. It is ready to wear collection. Ab ap Jora silwanay ki jhanjhat se Bhi Azad!

 Now the most important thing! Where to buy this beautiful dress form in the UK? Answer to your worry is Babus Clothing.

We have this whole collection at our stores and online. Come to Babus Clothing boutique to try your favorite Wards dress and buy it from there.  Or you can buy the dress online as well. Type Warda UK Digital Printed Lawn Collection in the search bar and see! There it is.

Order your favorite Warda dress. Don’t forget to consult the size chart on our website before placing your order.

Warda UK Embroidered Lawn Collection

Why stress over your summer shopping when Warda in UK is here?

Yet again Warda brings you the best of the best summer collection. With bright summer colors and designs that blow your mind, Warda offers everything you need in your closet this summer season. The vibrant colors, blooming patterns and the perfect combination of eastern and western styles is all what this collection is about. Babus Clothing has a wide range of dresses from this collection to make your summer shopping hassle-free.

Lawn is the fabric of summer and let’s face it is immensely comfortable in the scorching summer heat especially in Pakistan. It is sheer, light comfortable and let’s not forget that lawn looks strikingly elegant when styled the right way. Warda’s lawn dresses are always one of a kind and every time you would find something new in their collection.

The Embroidered Lawn Collection is one you can’t take your eyes off from, even if you want to. Warda uses colors that are an absolute treat to the eyes. Bright and cheery orange hues, fresh green tones, statement reds and many other colors are part of Warda’s color palette in the Embroidered Lawn Collection.

The delicate patterns and designs of the embroideries are beautiful and hypnotizing. From floral designs that seem straight out of a garden to funky but subtle abstracts that instantly catch your eyes, Warda seems to have the package complete in the Embroidered Lawn Collection

Since Warda UK targets the fashion-forward women and girls, the attires have something for everyone. Whether you’re a college-girl, working women or a home-maker, you will surely find something that matches your style. Be it simple and elegant or a little bit flashy and vibrant, we assure you that you won’t have to look any further because Babus Clothing has the complete closet of Warda’s Embroidered Lawn Collection right here for you. Just one click and you have it all. So fill up your closets from Warda’s Embroidered Collection available at Babus Clothing.

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