Top Pakistani Brands

Clothing industry is one the most famous and the ancient industries of the world, because it is that human nature that wants a lot of variety in dressing, looking good and attractive. That’s why every day, we hear about a new fashion brand innovations in designs and prints. Babus Clothing is a Top Pakistani Brands retail plaform based in Bolton, Manchester and now is available online to cater its customers from all over the globe!

It is said that clothing defines our taste. The finer we wear the more sophisticated we are considered. In fact, it is the label that speaks high about us. Babus Clothing invites all the Fashion Stated Asian Ladies in the UK and Around the world to surf into our site thats filled with all Pakistani Brands including Gul Ahmed, MARIA.B., Asim Jofa, Emaan Adeel, Sana Safinaz and many more to come. You name it, we get it for you with reasonable prices and fine quality!

The Brands collections are updated in varieties according their pages.These are all available on Babus Clothing with Unstitched, Ready-Made and Customized categories. Following is the complete list of Top Pakistani Clothing Brands that we have been selling for years:

  • Akbar Aslam clothing brand
  • Anaya uk
  • Eshaisha
  • Flossie
  • Imrozia
  • Javeria Zoa
  • Lavish
  • Lailas
  • Maria B
  • Munira

List of Top Pakistani Brands


We start our list of Top Pakistani Brands in UK with Afrozeh [alphabetically].  Afrozeh in UK succeeds in the vast Pakistani Clothing industry due to its ancestral build up. Afrozeh focuses on the tiny intricate details that are paired with mesmerizing shades giving each a different spotlight. They offer an extensive range of luxurious Chiffon and Lawn dresses. Babus Clothing avails you with these amazingly stylish dresses that you can order even if you reside in the UK.

Akbar Aslam

Five years ago Akbar and Aslam decided to open a small fashion store under the label Akbar Aslam.  This ‘small fashion store’ is now worldly recognized by millions. The magic of success lies in creating a highly luxurious ethnic brand that plays with the fusion of modern aestheticism and classics.

Asim Jofa

The fashion stylist man who was praised in 2012 as the best brand designer is now on stock at Babus Clothing. Asim Jofa in UK provides the kind of uniqueness in designs and pure quality that it happens to coincide in standards with the LSM (Pakistan’s Premier Fashion Brand).Its clothing categories vary in Luxury Lawn, Orne Collection, Zartaar Collection, Organza Collection, Chiffon Collection, Embroidered Collection, Luxury Pret, Wedding and Western Wear!


 The roots of victory for Areesha flash back into the time when there was a lack of realizing what scope fashion designing owns. At this time Areesha gets her advanced sewing machines on hand resulting in fine embroidery and applique art work creating a ripple in the fashion industry. To make its accessibility simple for Pakistani ladies located in the UK, Areesha’s outfits are now available at Babus Clothing Online. Pick your favorite dress, place your order and get it delivered to you in a few working days.


Kiran Chaudry, a singer-cum-entrepreneur, charms behind the brand Anaya. It’s a Lahore based brand that recreates the beauty of fashion with subtle prints, pure fabric and neat embroidery. A clothing brand that sincerely caters your dressing needs. We at Babus Clothing present you, the beautiful Asian fashion lovers of the UK, with the best of Anaya’s Wedding collection and Lawn collection. Yes, ladies! You read it right! You can now wear Pakistani Lawn suits in the UK. How? Thanks to Babus Clothing, as our entire team has gone every inch to make these gorgeous Lawn suits available for you.


This brand exists to achieve and introduce the new dimensions of casual attires. With its experience of 30 years in the fashion industry the brand tends to sustain its self with upgraded fabric transformed into evergreen and fashionable wear for all ages. Not only does it booms your elegance but specializes in eastern twist that never disappoints. The lavish attires of Baroque in UK are available now at Babus Clothing Online.

Bin Ilyas

Bin Ilyas is the name that’s in demand for its fleur-de-lis styled premium winter and summer wear. Not only does is have an extreme fashion sense in articulating the right designs onto their fabrics but also they manage to give the fabric a more decent and soft color touch. Bin Ilyas distributes its unstitched masterpieces under the name of Esha Eshaal and Ready to wear available in small, medium and large. The floral brand also found home in Babus Clothing!


Igniting since the beginning of its fashion walk in, inspiring many with exciting colors and abstractive textures blossoms Charizma. The brand at its earlier stages stemmed into the textile market by becoming the local’s favorite. The distinct quality of charisma is the way it manages to balance the bright colors it chooses with the perfect blend of embroidery. Charizma in UK comprises of unstitched suits, premium chiffon suits and seasonal dresses. Head to Babus Clothing Brands section to sneak peek into its variety.


Elaf paves into the ladies heart by giving them the quality they had dreamed of. The satisfying fabric of Elaf uplifts your personality and reflects a positive vibe. The rich colors and glittering thread all over the dress with deep textures makes it vulnerable. Babus Clothing welcomes Elaf into the horizon of reflecting further rays of fashion into the Asian community in the UK.

Emaan Adeel

The kind of brand that shines your grace is what Emaan Adeel’S outfits are all about. It maintains its goal of upbringing the decency in women with twiddle of style. Emaan Adeel in UK appeals itself through Chiffon Collections, Bridal Collections and Velvet Collections.Move your arrows onto the Brands section of Babus Clothing and find yourself hypnotized into the rich taste that Emaan Adeel offers to deliver.


A Fahion longed brand available with its beautiful trendy outfits at reasonable prices. Eshaisha is basically rooted from The Madni Group of Textile. With their pure fabric material they provide updated designs in floral or geometric. Eshaisha introduces its wonderful art work by giving out Embroidered Collection, Luxury Embroidered Eid Collection, Winter Embroidered Collection, Luxury Formal, Luxury Winter and many more! Click onto Babus Clothing Brands section to discover its collections on board.


Taking on the lead since 4 decades, restructuring their fashion statements time to time brings out the worth of Firdous. The brand secures its name by manufacturing excellent fabric designed in florals. Firdous in UK tends to be ladies favorite due to its product quality and honesty, their values and heritage inspiration. The casuals focused brand in now on stock at Babus Clothing. Enjoy your shopping experience with the variety we bring.


Glossy shades, embroidered fabric and deep patterns fusions into Flossie! It’s a brand that exclusively delivers polished embroidery on genuine fabric. Flossie in UK has the ability to match the contemporary with the latest fashion on board. It promises to give its customers a lifetime shopping experience. Just a snap of Flossie and then preview glamour that ignites!

Gul Ahmed

How can we forget Gul Ahmed if we are talking about Top Pakistani Brands in UK. Gul Ahmed the name that’s gold due to it’s the heaven flavored fabric and unbounded fabric size it pairs with trendy textures. Gul Ahmed UK caters the need to give freedom to ladies with regards to styling yourself with the design provided. Babus Clothing believes to join hands with those brands who create value for customers hence Gul Ahmed is on the team.


Gulaal is a textile brand base outside Lahore. The brand is famous in glittering rick embellishments on unstitched and stitched fabrics. It’s known for the quality control it keeps for the products manufactured and retailed. The variety Gulaal brings is under Ceilo Lawn, Zohra Wedding Collection, Soiree, Jardin D’Amour and many others! Head to Gulaal UK in our list of Top Pakistani Clothing Brands in UK section and discover your favorite outfits!


Being the sub-brand to Serene, Imrozia finds out yet another unique style to flash our glamour. Its focuses on our party and wedding wear by providing us tones of variety through rich embellishments, elegant colors, neat embroidery and pure fabric art. To be amused by its outfits whether stitched or unstitched move onto Babus Brand section.


Iznik is a rising ethnic wear brand for ladies employing a combination of specialty fashion amalgamated in rich embellishments with immaculate strings of silk. Iznik in UK invents collections in elite and outclass designs. Extending over a combination of cheerful colors, the finest palettes utilized in each collection make Iznik a totally worth it choice for the advanced ladies closet. Find the Latest Collections of Iznik on Babus Clothing Online platform.

Javeria Zoa

Another big name in Top Pakistani Brands in UK is Javeria Zoa! It’s the brand that unleashes the desired charm for each occasion. The bonding between delicacy of traditional designs and convivial hues bring out amazing dresses. Javeria’s goal to enhance the elegance in every outfit they create is becoming an awed beauty. You can scroll through its collection in Babus Clothing online store.


For every age, Jazmin comes with its magic wand to erupt the sense of avant-garde eastern ladies wears at its heart with remarkable weaving alongside with precious cut lines, sewed to flawlessness in all sizes. With such amazing brands igniting in Pakistan creating sparks in the current fashion industry is what we are proud of. Hop into the brands section of Babus Clothing to earn more details about Jazmin in UK.


Lakhani’s are worth knowing for their premium quality fabric sketched outstandingly with various motifs to create pret wear in unstitched lawn. They promise the fusion of style and luxury in order to let us cover in the most appropriate wear in multiple editions. Lakhani in UK aims to provide national culture all around the world. Babus Clothing is delighted to have such honest brands collections.


The Lavish steps into the fashion dimension with its luxurious nature. With is trend of single color base for the whole attire Lavish manages to work out the most intricate designs with utmost perfection. The embroidered versions of The Lavish are so astonishing with its fine royal shades. Lavish in UK has displayed its lavish styled dresses in the brand section of Babus Clothing. Slide into its link to create value to your closet.


The fashion line that blossoms to handle our ladies prettiness is Laila’s. With its threads embedded with perfection of flora in each collection it unveils, invites you, ladies to hop into these dresses and jaw drop others to regret their miss out. Laila’s with Babus Clothing wishes you an amazing shopping experience just click away.


The brand you look for that makes you walk in style and talk in style is Mashq! It’s the kind of women fashion that facilitates the correct amount innocence and charm in each of your luxurious choices. Mashiq in UK brings in satisfying icy colors showered with glittering stones each stitched up neatly.  Walk with its masterpieces and you will realize the sparkles on decency within you reflected. 

Maria B

With proper logic creation between consistent change and creativity, Maria B in UK has the vibe to turntables in the Fashion Industry. She remains committed to bringing the exceptionally best to her clients without disappointing them even for once. The wave of her wand from fancy to casual is very unique and evergreen.  Like the other Top Pakistani Brands at Babus Clothing, Maria B. is applauded to bring a fashion dream into reality.


The exclusive designs Maryam’s delivers are on stock at Babus Clothing. Maryam’s is the fashion talk that elaborates on how you can look different than the ordinary. It’s the fashion sense being liberated that we’re talking about here. The dresses the brand has discovered through its own journey are colorful and perfect to add value to our dresses for various occasions. Let’s just say Fashion isn’t only about looking trendy but also about being different.

Maryum N Maria

Maryum N Maria places a distinct choice while creating their spark in the Fashion line. They introduce the brand as an expert in designing Pure Chiffon Embroidered Collection. Keeping them extremely updated with trends and matching the finest embroidery is what keeps them highlighted. If you are interested in getting yourself Chiffon matched embroidery stuff and dresses even customized then shift to the Brands section of Babus Clothing to learn more.


The quantity and quality of the collection Munira provides is worth appreciating. Heavy embroidery yet designed with such delicacy that it feels like a print that won’t wear off.  Munira’s iconic collections are in stock at Babus Clothing Online ‘Brands’ section. The fusion of colors Munira UK provides are not only bold but worth wearing to get a shine of elegance.


The brand that gives you the fragrance of beauty in each of its masterpieces in Mushq. Walk past people in Mushq’s alluring young designs, give a hair flip and check out the people who made you their dressing inspiration drooling over your beauty. The Latest collection of Mushq is in our online outlet. Feel free to surf through its dreamy textures and owning them.


A true luxury is what we can call Nureh collections. Just looking at its art makes you feel so astonished. Each one of them is sewed with embroidery with the perfect amount. It’s like accessorizing your own dress. You won’t need to wear a pair of long earrings to make your look awe, Nureh’s material and stuff is enough to make you dazzle at a wedding or a formal party. See how Babus Clothing takes care of their valuable customers? I think you know now.


Talk about fashion and tradition fusion? I guess that’s Qalamkar’s showcase! Qalamkar in UK speaks for the local craftsmen in Pakistan. The actual people behind its beautiful art combinations and designs are all the mastery of our actual artists. It’s a tribute to pay off their outstanding and dedicated work. You have so many choices in here! Head into Qalamkar’s link to get its masterpieces.


Ramsha looks forward into the market with its affordable yet dashing designs with respect to luxurious Chiffon and Net ensembles to show off at weddings or parties. It’s all about wearing something that everyone would crave to own. The shades it offers are all seasonal and natural. They blossom the decency within you. Ramsha in UK awaits your presence at Babus Clothing Online store!

Rang Rasia

To dream in colors, to live in flavors and urge to reflect various shades through your wear is all about Rang Rasiya. Its sketches give you the sense of innovation and beauty in one glare. In this fashion world let’s realize that art is what levels up the game. Head on to the Rang Rasiya page on Babus Clothing and attain discounts that we offer.


Rouche designs in unearth vibrant colors in a very delicate way. Fusion of geometric and nature patterns is sewed all over the dress taking it to elite love with fine embroidery. It gives an alluring taste to all your precious occasions. Babus Clothing chooses Rouche to cater UK’s Asian ladies who need the same Pakistani updated fashion taste.

Saadia Asad

Saadia Asad’s gorgeous outfits are mended with flowery shaded bases and geometric patterns that fit on each dress perfectly. Each has a different shine in which you can dazzle in. Saadia Asad in UK focuses on making every masterpiece trouser look unique yet elegant. If you swipe through each of its designs you’ll realize how refreshing each outfit feels.

Sana Safinaz

As being one of the famous brands in the Top Pakistani Brands Fashion Industry, Sana Safinaz in UK paves into innovational success.  The brand talks in Unstitched and Ready to wear designs. Sana Safinaz makes every outfit special for ladies by giving every category it provides with distinct embroidery and prints. Head to Babus Clothing to get Sana Safinaz exciting wear!

Sana Sofia

This famous Pakistani brand talks in a unique velvet style. Every dress produced has preciously woven stones all over it with decency in mind. The velvet material is available in multiple colors and multiple designs sketches upon it whether printed or embroidered. Sana Sofia now serves in UK through Babus Clothing. Find it by getting into the brands section of Babus Clothing.


Serene in UK paints its designs in different categories. Roxanne as Serene lawn collection and 2 other categories namely Beaux Reves and Foire de Enchante spreading its colors in fancy way. Serene’s fashion sense is quite trendy and supports to make you occasions worthwhile. Appreciate the emerging beauty by checking out the igniting outfits delivered.


The brand of elegance as the brand Sifona earns this title. It pledges to display the designs with all its hard work and honesty. It’s a design house that brings blast on slant pieces in complimenting prints and textures of incomparable quality at sensible costs. Catch up with Sifona in UK by just clicking on its link waiting for you in the brands section at Babus Clothing.

Sobia Nazir

Launched in 1995, Sobia Nazir in UK is one of Pakistan’s most diverse designers ever.  It celebrates different seasons, cultures and occasions using their unique cuts and patterns and ornate colors and designs. Quality, design, innovation and affordability are key ethos of the brand which gives them a distinct position amongst other brands. The label’s brand includes 9 diverse sections: Sobia Nazir Silk, Sobia Nazir pret, Sobia Nazir Evening Wear, Sobia Nazir Lawn, Sobia Nazir linens, Sobia Nazir Brides and Sobia Nazir Embroidered Fabrics. Lucky for you, Babus Clothing has all the range in store exclusively for you so go check it out.


Yatashi came into existence with the mindset of bringing you the best of fabric and designs that are practical and upbeat and according to the modern fashion trends. With their unique and up-to-the-minute designs Yatashi, targets the women of today and tomorrow by providing a vast range of stitched and unstitched prints and designs, keeping in mind the need to stay stylish and comfortable in today’s fast paced world. Babus Clothing is the one stop shop for all their products, offering all the designs on Yatashi in UK you can ever need.


ZAHA by Khadijah Shah celebrates confident women and invokes attributes of creativity through their diverse and poignant designs. It encourages the personal style and distinctiveness of the ZAHA women fulfilling all their clothing needs at one place. Bringing together the fierceness, strength and independence of women, Zaha in UK offers a vast range of designs, patterns and styles. Head over to ZAHA at Babu’s Clothing for the strong and independent you.

Zainab Chottani

One of the shining stars of the Top Pakistani Brands Fashion Industry, Zainab Chottani in UK has proven her métier in the country’s fashion scene because of her eccentric designs ranging from exclusive, intricate Bridals to embellished Pret wear. Offering vast and extravagant heritage couture, infused with modern touch and combined with both bold and soft colours, Zainab Chottani’s ensemble is the main choice of brides. Starting the collection with Bridal wear, Zainab Chottani now offers Pret and Printed Lawn collection with intricate designs and modern cuts, all of which are now available at Babu’s Clothing.


Zebtan by Umar Fancy Emporium offers premium and intricate chiffon designs. Targeting the modern women, zebtan delivers unique patterns immersed with delicate chiffon cuts providing a traditional, modern and comfortable ensemble specifically suited for the taste of modern femininity. Check out their section at Baby Clothing for designs made specifically for you.


Zoon is that one stop shop for anarkali, lehengas and all kinds of formal wear you’ve dreamed to wear. With their delicate designs, intricate patterns and combination of soft and bold colors, zoon collection is your go to brand for affordable and stylish formal clothing. Make your festivals and occasions extra special with their designs. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


We hope you must have liked above list of Top Pakistani Brands in UK. However, we frequently update our list of Top Pakistani Clothing Brands.

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