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Babu’s Clothing is your one stop shopping destination for all the Pakistani branded suits and dresses. At great affordable prices, you can find the solution to all your styling needs at one place. Great quality and affordable pricing are our main ethos to keep our customers satisfied.

We offer a wide range of casual suits, party wear and formal dresses for women who are looking for style and comfort all in one. From Zainab Chottani to Gul Ahmed, we have it all. Just one click and you’re good to go.

Don’t want the hassle of finding a tailor? We have you covered. Babu’s Clothing offers stitched, unstitched and custom stitching for all the dresses and brands.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website and fulfill all your shopping needs at one place. We promise to deliver amazing quality at great prices to keep our loyal customers satisfied.

Pakistani Suits Online

Buy Pakistani Lawn Suits Online!

Summer/Spring Lawn Collections are Available
Buy Pakistani Lawn Suits Online

When it comes to hot weather, the most commonly preferred fabric is lawn. Whether it is the bright and vibrant colors or the sheer and chic designs the cloth has to offer, lawn is the most chosen fabric for the summer season.

Whether it is a formal gathering or just a casual outing with friends on a hot summer day, the decision to make is not on the type of fabric but instead is on the styles, designs and colors of Lawn suits.

At Babus Clothing, you can find luxury lawn suits of popular Pakistani brands such as Sana Safinaz, Afrozeh, Iznik, Sobia Nazir and much more. Head over to our Lawn Suits Collection to get your hand on the latest designs.

Buy Pakistani Chiffon Suits Online!

Luxury Chiffon Collections are Available

Whether it is a wedding you need to attend or a formal office party, chiffon dresses are the way to go. Sewn with utmost intricacy and delicacy, these dresses take your elegance up a notch. With their elegance, quality, and intricate patterns and designs you can wow everyone.

The pastel colors, embedded designs and the soft sheer fabric helps keep you stylish and comfortable at the same time. Pakistani Chiffon Suits by Yatashi, Mashq, Gul Ahmed and Serene all are available at Babus Clothing at great quality and reasonable pricing with the option of getting them stitched, unstitched or custom stitched.

Get your hands on them right now and we’re sure you won’t regret it.

Buy Pakistani Chiffon Suits Online!

Buy Pakistani Linen Clothes Online!

Latest Linen Collections are Available

Longing for a comfortable and cherishing your ‘LOOK OF THE DAY’? Well then get into Babus Clothing Linen Collections from Top Pakistani Brands. To model linen fabric is a very delicate procedure its fiber is exceptionally solid, permeable, and dries quicker than cotton. The pure linen styled by the Pakistani brands is highly appreciated for the refreshing feel it provides in mid-summer and winter.

Babus Clothing aims to make the shopping experience of its valuable clients as feasible as possible. With that in mind it introduced the category of Pakistani Linen Clothes Online. The reason we try to provide you with the best is to build up an updated fashion sense in Asians ladies in UK.

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Currently we have one of our Top Pakistani Brand Munira into Babus Clothing Online platform. Where Munira provides: Munira Embroidered Linen with Chiffon Dupatta. Click here and see Linen with Chiffon dupatta Products. For further details on any Linen Brand Collections click on the ‘SUITS’ segment of Babus Clothing and then to ‘Linen Dresses’.

Buy Luxury Velvet Dresses!

Luxury Velvet Collections are Available

A fabric with feathery structured base in which the chopped strings are equally distributed, giving it a delicate feel. Velvet is mostly worn in winters for the purpose of attending parties or weddings. Nowadays, Velvet has become the ‘Talk of The Town’ because of its royalty felt designs adding exciting flavors to our fancy occasions. With velvet base and immaculate applique work are the kind of dresses we stock in our online platform to make our eastern wear applaud able for Pakistani’s residing in the UK.

Currently Sana Sofia displays its unique velvet collections with various styles and colors. On the other hand Iznik adds on to the Velvet dress collections as ‘Iznik IVF’. You can opt for any of these velvet precious dresses from our renowned Pakistani Brands by driving into the Velvet Dresses section of Babus Clothing.

Buy Pakistani Velvet Clothes Online

Buy Pakistani Swiss Voile Clothes Online!

Latest Swiss Voile Collections are Available
Buy Pakistani Swiss Voile Suits Online!

Pakistani designers are always keen to introduce innovation into the Fashion Industry. This time Babus Clothing introduces the brands who chose to sketch upon a Swiss Voile base. A Swiss Voile is basically a fusion of 2 fabrics. Swiss is basically a type of cotton clothing material that is showered with small dots. The dots can be arranged in various ways and different colors. Voile is purely a soft fabric usually available as absolute cotton of a mixture of cotton and linen. The result of the combination of Swiss Voile makes a perfect wedding wear.

Now on stores with Swiss Voile Collections are Top Pakistani Brands namely: Baroque Embroidered Swiss Voile, Gul Ahmed Embroidered 3 piece suits and Charizma Swiss Miss Vol 1. Each having a unique way of portraying their mastery and providing Babus Clothing valuable customers with unending variety.

Buy Pakistani Party Wear Suits Online

Luxury Party Wear Collections are Available

Babus Clothing has prepared a distinct segment for Pakistani party wear dresses online so that the valuable customers tend to receive ease while having shopping online. This particular category caters occasions like birthday parties, kitty parties, bridal showers, family gatherings even Eid parties.

In order to wear a dress that’s more than a casual and less like a wedding dress you can jump into the party wear section. We have got Pakistan’s top brands in fashion industry giving out varieties to give customers uncountable choice. Brands like Afrozeh tend to give a very classical look when it comes to party wear. It has lots of vibrant colors to offer with floral designs and alluring contrasts. On the other hand we have Iznik and Emaan Adeel providing very soft colors with embroidered textures. There are many more brands like Sana Safinaz, Gul Ahmed, Maria B. and so on who provide not only style and colors but also the intensity of embroidery you choose to feel comfortable in.

Ladies usually tend to wear kurtis with trousers and dupatta involving embroidery or stoning to make it look kind of fancy and stylish with spark of decency.

Buy Pakistani Party Wear Suits Online

Buy Pakistani Wedding Dresses!

Latest Pakistani Wedding Dresses are Available
Pakistani Suits Online

We’ve kept wedding as another section rather than in bridal because we want our clients to understand the kind of attire they need. The logic for a perfect wedding wear is to have an outfit that doesn’t include heavy embellishments to the extent that you feel like a bride.

Babus Clothing manages to keep your outfit choice in decency and beauty when it comes to Pakistani Wedding Dresses. In this category we provide lehenga, frocks and many other traditional wedding attire designs. If you are the bridesmaid, sister, mother or any acquaintance attending the wedding then you are on the right link. This page will pin up Pakistani designers who exclusively provide luxurious wedding collections with utmost quality and fair prices. Brands like Yatashi, Afrozeh, Saadia Asad, Flossie and many more use pure chiffon to create a smooth and strong base to carry the beads, stones and embroidery on every outfit.

We intend to never disappoint you when it comes to any occasion in your mind that needs the right outfit. We have Pakistani Suits Online that are ready to pay efforts to make you look beautiful with professional expertise in clothing fashion. Hoping that you’ll find it easier this way to choose the right wedding dress be it a mehendi shade, rukhsati shade or valima shade.

Buy Casual Dresses online

Latest Casual Dresses are Available

Let’s say you have to go to college or work, at your relatives’ place or just a casual hangout with friends, you won’t wear a dress that’s too heavy or too flashy. That’s why we have casual wear dresses exclusively for you. Not too gaudy and not too simple, casual dresses are just the perfect choice for a family gathering or any other get together.

Babus Clothing has the whole range of casual wear dresses from your favourite designers. With a blend of vibrant and cool colors and patterns that catch your eyes the moment you look at them, we have just the right choice of clothes for you.

Starting off our collection with Mahgul, the designer has just the right balance of classy and casual in her dresses. The bright colors combined with subtle designs are what makes their dresses stand out from others. Coming up next we have Firdous. The most intriguing feature about the collection of Firdous is that there is a vivid touch of black in all their dresses which makes it look extremely chic and effortless. Next up is Zainab Chottani with their eye catching mix of floral and abstract designs combined with vibrant colors.

These and more brand await you at Babus Clothing. Designs from Zaha, Anaya, Mushq and many more collections are in store just for you. With epic designs and cheery blends of colors, these casual dresses are sure to make a statement.

Pakistani Suits Online

Buy Pakistani Bridal Dresses online

Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses are Available
Pakistani Suits Online

Every bride wants to look special on her special day. They want to make sure they carry the charm of being a bride with elegance and grace. We at Babus Clothing offer the latest bridal wear from Maryum n Maria especially for brides living abroad.

The most preferred choice of cloth for bridal wear is either chiffon or net. Each fabric carries its own grandeur and makes the bride look astonishing on her day. Pakistani Bridal Dresses of Maryum n Maria is adorned with intricate embroidery and delicate embellishments which make the outfit look breathtakingly miraculous.

The intricate work combined with the exquisite blends of soft and bold colors are the goal of every bridal dress. We at Babus Clothing aspire to provide the perfect dresses for Pakistani brides living abroad to make their day extra special. You can get these dresses customized as per your choices and that too at great prices and amazing quality.

At Babus Clothing, we provide Pakistani Suits Online for every occasion according to your needs and desires. Collections from your favourite Pakistani designers are exclusively available at our website. You name it we have it. We assure you of the best quality and timely delivery of the dresses you order and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Our Online platform is here to serve you by providing Top Pakistani Brands, categories, colors and materials that will make every moment of your life special by just making you choose the right outfit with so much variety ahead!

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