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If you love apparel, then certainly you love Maria B in UK, USA, and all over thw world!

Babus Clothing being provided center to a variety of Top Pakistani Designer Brands to UK’s clothing market in a physical store and online platform is creating a growing response for MARIA.B. by providing clients reasonable rates and premium quality on each collection. Babus Clothing is a strong platform that gives its clients the ability to choose with their different preferences the perfect dress in to wear. 

Honesty is the best policy right? Babus Clothing with MARIA.B UK and other preferred brands never compromises on the dresses quality and quantity because this is the service through which we earn respect and strong relationship building with our customers. Our job is to provide level best options to our clients who hunt for the right outfit for the right time and most one the time choose one dress that fits in every occasion and remains in trend.

Maria B Lawn Collection for Spring/Summer

The legend of intricate designs is back with a bang of Lawn Collection this Spring/Summer Season. These excellent clothing varieties of MARIA B. Embroidered Lawn 3 piece Suit Summer/ Spring Collections are all about enhancing your taste and making you spend a pleasant summer when it comes to parties. Each one of these is available in Ready to wear and unstitched form with delicate cutting of each piece.

Let’s dive into MARIA B. Embroidered Lawn 3 piece Suit Summer Spring with respect to Pink shades! D2015B- This Peachy Pink outfit is all about containing your beauty innocence. The outfit is characterized by a top full of white embroidery and printed trouser with floral designs all over. D2007A-The shocking pink used to style this outfit is amazing! The use of blue to combine with shocking pink shows how rightly placed is MARIA B.’s fashion sense. It’s all about leaf-y adventure in this print. Simplicity is ignited by this beautiful outfit. D2003A-This light pink has a soft feel, welcoming the calm colors of spring. Adding spring blue, pink and green makes perfect partnership. Wearing this baby pink with your pearl jewelry will make the outfit more reliable and lovely to carry. D2007B-This luxury lawn wear is giving light to the old gray by giving it a taste of wild blue and pink love. These printed designs are filled in the right places and it doesn’t disturb the elegance in this outfit. D2001A-A pearl pink with spring green is worth wearing. It has a peachy pink story to tell with the twist of green that promotes its overall look.

Next let’s magnify the cream and white shades! D2015A-English color shaded cream having all sorts of trendy cuts and designs contrasted with little fire shaded lilies. The uniqueness of these prints is such that you don’t get bored of observing it neatly sketched work either embroidered or printed.  D2012A-A white lawn dress styled with turquoise is what trend is all about. Observe the cambric trouser styling and the beautiful frock shaped top with elegant embroidery and print mixture. D2006B-The combination of light yellow gives such a soft feel. It gets even more alluring with the combination of embroidery is with cotton candy colors. Take your chance ladies and get your hand of this outfit because my mind is flowing with a lot of ideas to style this beauty!

Focus driven into dark dimensions! D2009B-The purple tradition outfit with a little combination of green does make out the best combo. This article is all about light floral artistry. Bringing style in purple is a tough challenge but MARIA B. never disappoints with her choice of combinations.D2009A-The Magnificent combination of black and golden always turns out to bring the light of royalty. This beautiful outfit has such intricate designs neatly printed. The combination of maroon on its trouser is what gives out the best in this outfit.D2008B-Black is the color of dark passion that feels so positive through this article. The lawn material is so fine that the print on the base feels like it was never printed. A little joy in the dark is brought by the little flowers in funky pink and orange that reflects the alluringness in the lawn wear.  D2006A-This Eid fascinated article is the liveliest choice for ladies to wear. It has white lawn base with shiny golden print all over. The contrast of spring colors is what bring out the best within is wear. D2005B-This attractive shade on dark brown to its least feels so distinct. While observing the amazing outfit sketches its gives such a beautiful twist by ending the design before the end of the kameez and started off with white till its tail is what we call ‘feel the taste of standing out in the odd yet with beauty’. D2002b-This dark gray shade from MARIA B.’s uniquely admirable Lawn collection to embrace our party occasions is wonderful to jump into. If you love to taste something into and set trends you’d definitely to choose to wear this outfit.

Get mesmerized by blue shades in Maria B.! D2008A-The traditional Sky blue plays a vital role to welcome spring and the summer sky. This outfit is the ultimate spring dress to dazzle in a party. It’s available in an unstitched and ready to wear form. D2005A-The undeniable night sky charm shade chosen by MARIA B. to style is a very clever move. All this needed was a neat print and oh so gorgeously royal golden as added value, all presented rightly in the outfit. D2003B- Yet another beautiful sky blue with spring flavor but having another dimension to opt for. This lawn piece has explicit roses drawn upon it with trendy cuts ended with white embroidery to contain its decency.D2001B-Fusion of blue and green with gorgeous patterns in white match perfectly. Ladies having such shades are quite rarely added into the market and you also have the choice to buy it in unstitched form at Babus Clothing to design it your way.

Ladies look forward to wear these amazing collections for summer. Let’s spread positivity by wearing spring filled colors that invites charm and innovation in fashion. Scroll through this page and hope into any of the articles you find perfect of yourself at Babus Clothing Online.

Babus Clothing hopes that you get pleased by the entry of this hot collection in its stores.

Mbroidered Wedding Edition

Babus Clothing understands your concerns and brings you MARIA.B UK Embroidered collection that has the most elegant colors with a twist of Swarovski crystals that makes your dress twinkle with utmost premium quality. The collection has 8 different choices available for you to opt for. Each outfit having its own charm and style in its own dimension of beauty.It has royal colors that sparkle the magic of glamour within you as bride, bride’s sister, bridesmaid or mother.

Here’s a short insight to each item in this collection: BD1801- A royal fusion of cream and golden embroidery with different textures, BD1802- Embroidered details in soft pink that’s styled as a frock and contrasted with a light blue dupatta, BD1803-A black dress with feathery neck border contrasted with royal golden.

BD1804-It’s a complete package of flaming colors from top to bottom starting from burning red to boron green as it gives a traditional wave, BD1805- Embroidered in silver with a cream base, BD1806- The burning mustard base contrasted with a heavy blood-red dupatta for a traditional bridal wear, BD1807-Red velvet is a vintage royal that’s mostly preferred as a wedding attire.

BD1808- MARIA B UK brings you a diamante Italian moonlight clothing to master this beautiful sari that is showered in dull skin color all over its base sprinkled with silver embroidery of little flowers.

Babus Clothing brings MARIA B  Collection of Unstitched (Having puzzles of cloth measured perfectly to be customized by the client), Ready Made (Stitched with sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large) variety and a Fully Customized option (We stitch it according to your desire.No more worries about tailoring, we take care of it for you). We make sure our client receives exactly what they have selected to be worn.

We prefer giving them the experience that excels lifetime relationship with our customers. So unlock your phones, land into Babus Clothing online platform in a chance to get discounts over the item in your cart!

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