Starting its operation, Limelight rapidly climbed up the ladder of success in Pakistan!

With trendy fabrics, urbane textures and fancy cuts, Limelight slowly became everyone’s favourite brand. It introduced designs that were unique and one of a kind. The brand started its collection with formal and casual wear for women and then slowly moved towards men’s and kids collection. Very soon they also introduced other fashion items such as bags, scarves, accessories, sunglasses etc. Limelight is now one of the most preferred brands and has achieved rapid fame because of their unique designs and affordable prices.

Babus Clothing introduces Limelight especially for those living in the UK. Your favorite dresses and designs of this rapid growing Pakistani brand is available at our website for your ease so that you don’t have to wait for your relatives in Pakistan to bring them for you. You can buy them off easily from our website, with the benefits of fast delivery and a promise of great, uncompromised quality. So, don’t wait anymore. Get your hands on the latest collection of Limelight available at Babus Clothing.

Limelight in UK brings together the fusion of eastern and western colors to provide dresses for people of all choices and tastes. Their collection is an ingenious blend of traditional and modern styles suited for women of all ages. Each dress has its own charm and instantly catches the eyes. Every style radiates jolly vibes and elegance, breaking the monotonous touch of simple, everyday dresses. The fabric of Limelight is easy to style. Every dress is styled keeping in mind the comfort of people so that you can look effortlessly elegant.

Limelight Unstitched Summer Collection

Bright colors and soft fabric is what summer is all about. With the summer season knocking on our doors, it’s time to remodel your wardrobe with summery freshness and blooming patterns. Since the weather is only going to get hotter with every passing day of the season, it’s essential that the clothes you choose to wear keep you comfortable along with keeping your style game amped up. Keeping up with trend, Limelight introduces its Unstitched Summer Collection. Packed with aesthetic designs and colors that freshen up and lift your mood, the collection features 2-Piece and 3-Piece suits. It is surely a collection that you can’t miss out on.

Limelight summer collection is all about bright color palettes and intriguing geometric and floral designs. Lawn shirts/ kurtis are the latest trend these days. Pair it up with jeans, tights or shalwar and you’re good to go. They are the go-to attire loved by college-going girls and working women because they are very easy to style and with the benefit of being unstitched, you can design them however you want. Lawn kurtis for this sole reason are the staple of every girl’s summer wardrobe.

Next up are the 2-Piece and 3-Piece suits. Lawn and Jacquard shirts paired up with chiffon dupattas and cambric trousers are the highlight of the collection. The colors and patterns fit so well with each other that it’s impossible not to like them. The cuts, designing and lacing are all up to the customers preferences; it’s only the patterns and colors that they are attracted to in the Unstitched Collection. Women often choose light and breezy fabrics for the ever-lasting summer season which are easy to carry yet look elegant and classy. This is exactly what Limelight offers in their Summer Collection. The fabric is extremely soft and sheer and looks remarkable wherever you choose to wear it.

With lawn, you have endless options to style your dresses the way you want to. With the complete collection available at Babus Clothing, experience the most chic styles and designs combined with bright and breezy color tones with Limelight Unstitched Summer Collection and take your style quotient up a notch.

Lawn Collection

As ladies, we search for styles that we can adopt to wear in our daily lives an occasions. We don’t only look for positive vibes in people or environment but also from our clothes. We are quite keen to spark the beauty within us and inspire others while taking every step in fashion. On this luxurious and friendly platform Babus Clothing provides you with incredible stories of fashion through every Pakistani heart-throbbing designer.

Babus Clothing tends to attract trendy brands into its umbrella of top Pakistani Brands serving UK.  When art gets presented through fabric and style it’s the best way to enhance the customer’s variety and boom your art dimensions. We’ve discovered various brands popping up with their lawn collections such as Iris Embroidered Lawn, Mahgul Lawn Collection, Rouche Luxury Lawn Collections and many more make us follow the fashion syllabus in Pakistan regardless of wherever we live.  Here walks in another brand that hypnotizes ladies with its unbelievable lime stirred dresses that have calm colors and very casual sensed outfits.

When it comes to sketching on Lawn outfits we know that it’s the best fabric with respect to comfort and summer/spring days. The fabric is so light and easy to carry in daily routine. Hence, Limelight presents its lawn collection with lime favorite colors.

Limelight prefers to cater fashionistas in their casual and formal wear. In order to keep on updating the customers with a taste of west and tradition it announces casual wears in Lawn. Limelight is a brand that subjects its designs through small bunch, florals and seamless patterns on lawn prints it displays. The clothes are mostly 2 pc suits: Printed Lawn Fabric and Printed Chiffon Dupatta; they are also available in only shirt offerings as kurtis etc

Limelight in UK is famous because of its trend setting technique, decency in outfits, friendly prices and quality we tend to wear. When it comes to college or university casuals female students usually prefer to rush into Limelight stores to fill their closets with one on one designs and fresh colors that give positive vibes all day long. On the other hand ladies hanging out or working at home tend to realize that they need something different to wear, traditional wear that’s structured in western shapes.

Seeking advice on style and fashion reminds me that limelight not only provides you with the outfit you could wear but also the value added accessories like earrings, shoes and scarves to shine under the limelight vision.

Babus Clothing envision itself to be the kind eastern fashion power that gives hand to every lady who would love to mature her glamour!

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