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The Fashion Market for Asians in UK, USA, Dubai, worldwide requires a lot of innovation and support. Hence, Babus Clothing comes up with the idea of not only sticking to the wedding or party wear but also the Eastern casual wear needed in summer, spring and autumn. We want our clients not only in Bolton but all over the UK to admire and adopt the decent and alluring dresses that Top Pakistani Designer Brands have to offer.

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Lakhani in UK plays a vital role in booming the fashion line and textile in Pakistan. Not only does it involve styling a cloth but also sewing it, giving its customers the finest and best quality products. Babus Clothing pulls the Lakhani fashion into catering the wide Pakistani audience in UK that awaits it prints for summer and spring. Lakhani has launched numerous collections in Pakistan based upon readymade and unstitched with respect to offering party wear, wedding wear or casual wear outfits. The way each of its dress gets hailed in Pakistan shows how much in demand Lakhani is.

Mostly the Collections of Lakhani this summer/spring are all about unstitched suits latest with Hello Spring, Shades of Summer, Komal Collection, Baad e Saba, Shajar, Aangan, Dareechay, Mono Chrome collection and then starts the winter collection. The purpose to keep these collections updated is to respect your choice and give you variations according to your taste in Fashion.

The fashion industry is keen to grow in Pakistan and its evolving because of superb brands like Lakhani that bring a new wave in each collection. Every design that’s sewed into the fabric keeps each one of you ladies in mind whether you’ll like this angle, this pattern or not. With fashion we tend to live positively, with fashion we love and grow art within our society. Let’s up bring our interest in ART through Lakhani!

Since 1952, Lakhani has been one of the top brands in Pakistan to provide its customers with new and unique designs in every collection. You will never find repeated designs in their stock which is mainly why it makes it the prior choice of fashion loving women in not only Pakistan but all around the globe.

One of the features of Lakhani fabrics is that they offer a distinctive blend of eastern and western wear in their products. Whether you are residing in Pakistan or a Pakistani residing abroad, Lakhani in UK has just the right pieces to suit your needs.

The different and diverse collection of Lakhani fabrics’ is brimming with a plethora of colors and designs. Each collection has its own unique selling point according to the colors, patterns and work they’re adorned with. For example, Komal collection is filled with different lawn designs in bold as well as pastel colors and is more casual while the Baad e Saba collection is decked with more formal styles in chiffon.

Babus Clothing is proud to present all of these collections for Pakistanis in the UK, USA, worldwide and everywhere else abroad. Each and every design, print and material is available at our website for your ease. At affordable prices and various options to get your dresses custom stitched, it’s a win-win situation.

All in all, Lakhani fabrics available at Babus Clothing not only in UK, USA, Dubai in many other countries of the world are your one stop shop for all your summer clothing. With vibrant colors, intricate designs, mix of eastern and western combinations and with the ease of getting your attires stitched, unstitched or custom made, you are absolutely ready to go anywhere and everywhere.


Babus clothing presents the colorful and vivacious summer collection of Lakhani fabrics named  LAKHANI HELLO SPRING LAWN/JACQUARD COLLECTION. Head over to know what it’s all about.

The Hello Spring collection consists of bright and vibrant colors that bloom in the summer season. The exquisite three piece lawn and jacquard collection is infused with traditional and contemporary elements. Moreover all of the elements are painted on a canvas of Jacquard fabric, which gives it a subtle yet classy look. The three piece ensemble consists of a fancy woven dupatta, shirt, trouser and an embroidered border with almost every dress you can see on our website. You can get these attires at exclusively at Babus Clothing with the comfort of getting them stitched as well as unstitched.

So what are you ladies waiting for? Get your hands on the latest Lakhani outfits at Babus Clothing and amp up your style game this summer.


Babus Clothing lets Lakhani [LSM] unleash its artistry with its latest summer collection namely- Shades of summer online in UK! You want to get the idea behind the wonders of summer shades? SCROLL THROUGH TO KNOW THE FASHION SPELL!

Shades of summer have calm colors to make you feel confident in the burning rays of the sun. Babus Clothing reveals Lakhani latest lawn collection that is a bundle of cream shades, baby pink and calm white. Each one of them has distinct taste in fashion to blossom your beauty. These cool and pastel shades keep your style amped up in an extremely subtle way. This collection is a fusion of lawn kameez and trouser with chiffon dupatta. It’s basically an invention done to encourage unstitched variety. This is an amazing chance to give the Pakistani ladies in the UK, USA, Dubai or other part of the world a chance to be their outfits own designer and style it your way to reach ultimate satisfaction.

What’s with the wait then ladies?! Feel summer love in Lakhani’s Shades of summer only at Babus Clothing now!

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