Retail is our biggest channel and has proven to be a great launchpad that has allowed us to grow awareness of our outlet and build our online presence.
We are passionate about brand expansion so lets do great things together. By combining our sales services and your brand creativity, we can get people and brands moving. We do this by finding the brand that connects to latest fashion, resulting in unforgettable customer experiences and standout turnover.
For small businesses, getting their products to a wider market can be hard, but due to our large customer base and better shopping experiences, Babus Clothing can help. By joining us:
⦁ You can sell everywhere for it is a platform that lets you sell wherever your customers are , in‑person.
⦁ We offer an easy to use online store so that you can expand your brand market and reach your customers globally
⦁ Capture new customers through our social media presence and you can make as many sales as possible without overstretching yourself.
So if you want to sell your brand through us whether it is ready-made or un-stitched or you have any query contact one of the member of our commercial team and you will be served shortly. Call us on 01204 770300 or Email us at

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