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Elaf is a Pakistani clothing brand that manufactures premium chiffon fabric!

This lightweight fabric is their forte. Elaf excels in producing luxurious chiffon dresses that have embellishments and embroideries. In fact, their trousers and dupattas are nothing less than their chiffon shirts. Once you see their premium chiffon collection you will drool over each dress.


This Premium Chiffon Collection lives up to this name as it has promised the best chiffon fabric. Their stitching, their fabric, and the ornaments on a dress make a woman feel comfortable and secure. Women at weddings complain about itchy seams and embroideries, and even, sharp embellishments that stuck in other people’s clothes. But, once you choose Elaf, we promise you will feel aesthetically pleasant and can enjoy to the fullest without any worry.

Elaf’s Premium Chiffon Collection is very beautifully designed for you ladies. It’s a very traditional yet trendy collection of wedding dresses. You can see short, long, front open and D-shaped shirts. Similarly, these beautiful and fashionable shirts are paired with trendy trousers, bell-bottoms, straight pants, tulip pants, and even shararas and ghararas. The best part of Elaf’s Chiffon Collection is that they have artistically played with colors. Many of the dresses have contrasting colors. Where there are a pastel-colored shirt and trouser they have contrasted it with a dark shade of dupatta and the other way round.

As Babus Clothing has also taken an oath to deliver the best to the women of UK, USA, Canad and all over the world. We have uploaded this stunning chiffon collection on our website. These suits are available both in unstitched and ready to wear. This wedding season get ready to feel free. Opt for Elaf’s Premium Chiffon Collection that displays elegance with every detail. Hurry and book your favorite dress as many of them have already been sold out.

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