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This segment of Babus Clothing covers all types of Premium/Luxurious Chiffon dresses our loyal customers would like to choose! Babus Clothing makes you time-efficient while shopping online by providing you specified portions according to your needs. All you need to do is bring your arrow towards the ‘suits’ section and Voila! Find yourself in a variety of types and categorical materials!

Chiffon fabric is basically the type of clothing material used to create exceptional casual, party or wedding wears. Chiffon Dresses are light weighted, can hold on the embroidery or stones threaded upon it and enhances the look of the dress even after being washed for years. Even Though we know how Chiffon plays its magic we still get manipulated by the material being provided to us. Chiffon differs in quality. Pure Chiffon is actually the fabric that’s worth our money and choice.

Babus Clothing provides first- class quality in Chiffon dresses through its wide range of Top Pakistani Brands available under the forum Pakistani Clothes Online in UK. The brands’ Chiffon editions are all available in ready-made, customized or unstitched.

You can surf through our immaculate brands’ designs in chiffon and just click on the ones that strike the BUY NOW call!

We first introduce you to Afrozeh Embroidered Luxury Chiffon 3 Piece articles. Each design in this Collection is an ancient floral story to wear for a party or a wedding! Ladies drool over its collection because of the quality, designs and sizes. Right now Afrozeh stocks: Royal Blue, Magenta, Dull cream, silver and sparkling black.

Next on stock are Yatashi Premium Embroidered 3 Piece Chiffon Dresses. Yatashi is admired for specifically choosing its expertise in Party and Wedding wear. Their abstract and invented textures are unique and finely portrayed on each dress available. Yatashi has mustard magic, dark green, shiny black with maroon love and rich skin combinations!

The renowned Gul Ahmed gives a warm welcome to Babus Valuable customers to buy its amazing  Embroidered 3 piece Chiffon Dresses available in Lime light blue, green and yellow. The embroidery and material visually feels so satisfying and light.

Mashq as the name implies walks into the chiffon dresses collection with its flowery scent. Mashq Luxury Chiffon Collections sews every inch of its dresses with different blossoming patterns that not only embroidered to pop up your glamour but also based on calm colors that make it elegant. These designs are spontaneous! Mashq Chiffon edition has frozen colors like: Light turquoise, Sky Blue, golden, tiger orange, cerulean blue, chocolate brown, light rose pink and many more!

Serene Premium Beaux Reves Luxury Chiffon Collection works under the title ‘Bold Colors Bold Embroidery!’ Each outfit reflecting a different personality. All of them having one thing common: first-rated Chiffon! Its collection has 10 different colors with exclusive design.

The journey into Chiffon-ic brands is on a long track! Stay Tuned!

The available chiffon brands are all distributed in various ways when it comes to its unstitched form.

Afrozeh Embroidered Luxury Chiffon Dresses Collection has 9 puzzles of each dress that completes the whole 3 piece suit package. This includes: Embroidered Chiffon Front, Embroidered organza front border, Embroidered Chiffon back, Embroidered Organza back border, Embroidered net dupatta, Embroidered organza sleeves, Embroidered organza borders for sleeves, Embroidered organza trouser patch and Raw Silk trouser.

Yatashi Embroidered Premium Chiffon Dresses collection has 9 puzzles of each dress to complete the 3 piece suits! The puzzles have: Embroidered front, Embroidered back, Embroidered sleeve, Embroidered sleeve lace, Embroidered front lace, Embroidered back lace, Embroidered dupatta, Handmade neck patch and Raw silk trouser.

Gul Ahmed distributes its 3 piece Embroidered Chiffon Dresses Collection in 6 pieces. These have: Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta, Embroidered Chiffon Front, Back &Sleeves, and Embroidered Neckline on Organza for Back, Embroidered Border on Organza. Dyed Inner & Embroidered Raw Silk Trouser with Sequins.

Mashq’s Chiffon Edition involves 4 pieces of designs to complete its luxurious wear. This includes: Embroidered net handmade front back and sleeves, Embroidered daman patch, Embroidered net duppata, Jamawar trouser and accessories

Serene Premium Beaux Reves Luxury Chiffon Dresses Collection is stitched up by combining 9 puzzles if you opt for an unstitched package. These puzzles comprise of: Embroidered chiffon for front with handmade embellishment, Embroidered organza with handmade embellishment for front neck patch, Embroidered organza border for front, Embroidered chiffon for back, Embroidered chiffon for sleeves, Embroidered organza border for back & sleeves, Embroidered chiffon for dupatta, Raw silk for trousers and Embroidered organza border for trouser.

With all these authentic details we invite you to experience Babus Clothing Online shopping! Avail the discounts and enjoy having your favorite outfits!

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