The House of Charizma, or Charizma for short, believes in ‘blend[ing] glamour and comfort in the eastern wear along with artful quality embroideries.’

The year 2012 marks the birth of this clothing enterprise. Since then it has opened its retail outlets all across Pakistan. The brand only focuses on eastern wear. That is the sole reason how this brand has maintained its supreme quality of fabrics and embroideries all these years. Babus Clothing presents the beautiful ladies of UK, Charizma’s Karandi collection and the latest Swiss Voile collection. So ladies don’t wait a minute. Grab your favorite charismatic suit from the collection below:

Charizma Karandi Collection

Karandi is a heavy and warm fabric worn in winter. Charizma karandi collection is a very unique one. Wondering how? The brand has paired embroidered karandi shirts with printed trousers. Printed trousers are a treat to the eyes. There are very few Pakistani brands that experiment with trousers as printed trousers are a risk. But, The brand has beautifully played with printed trousers. Their designers have very carefully designed each karandi suit, not making it a mess of colors. Each embroidered karandi shirt is paired with printed trousers and a plain chiffon dupatta that only has little embroidery on its pallu or border. This karandi collection is available only as unstitched fabric. Buy your favorite suit, get it stitched and get ready to flaunt this amazingly beautiful karandi jora among your family and friends.

Swiss Voile Collection

Charizma Swiss Voile is a light breath-able fabric fit for summers. This is the latest collection by The brand and it has already become ladies’ favorite. Reason? The brand has transformed this beautiful light fabric into casual or semi-formal attire. The embroidered shirt front and plain back make it easier for ladies to wear this in summer. The embroidered shirts are paired with plain cotton trousers, unlike their karandi collection, and printed chiffon dupatta. The best part about this collection is, unlike other Pakistani brands, they have not over-loaded their shirts with heavy embroidery. Keeping in mind that this collection is for summers, few dresses have embroidered gallas and damans. And in few dresses where there is embroidered shirt, the gallas and damans are plain. They are available as unstitched on our website. Babus Clothing offers sewing service as well, so, ladies don’t hesitate in purchasing these stunning unstitched dresses thinking ‘ab UK mai tailor kahan dhundo!’  All your worries have been taken care of!

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