Bin Ilyas

Mr. Adnan Ilyas started this enterprise BIN ILYAS in 2017.

Within two years since its birth, it has become popular among Pakistani ladies. This clothing brand offers all kinds of summer, winter and luxury outfits under one roof. According to Mr.Ilyas, ‘the brand is basically involved in creating most beautiful fabric designs for women according to the latest fashion trends.’ As Babus Clothing has promised to provide all Pakistani leading brands to the ladies of the UK, so how can we miss This Brand in UK. Our team is at your disposal if you need these beautiful outfits for your upcoming events.

ESHA ESHAAL Schiffili Lawn Collection 2020

Schiffli lawn, known as chicken, never gets out of fashion. It is a fabric that you can wear both in summer and winter. Bin Ilyas has done a fabulous job by giving the schiffli lawn in UK a new touch, a touch of embroidery. Esha Eshaal Schiffli Lawn Collection 2020 is a collection of three-piece schiffli lawn suits. All these suits have schiffli lawn embroidered shirts, paired with a printed Georgette dupatta and beautiful lawn trouser. These suits are available both in ready-made and unstitched.

So, ladies not it is time to take your action! Wear a marvelous lawn suits presented by this famous brand!


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