Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry, a clothing brand by our very own Kiran Chaudhry.

Ring any bells? Kiran Chaudhry who was a lead singer in a Lahore-based band Club Caramel. She has also starred in hit Pakistani film Shah.Kiran visits both India and Pakistan frequently. She launched this brand to cater the needs of Indian as well as Pakistani ladies living in the UK.

Wondering why UK? Because she herself lives in the UK. She is a mashriqi larki living in a maghribi country. Thus, she knows about the struggle of finding a traditional dress in the UK.The idea behind Anaya is to provide conventional clothing, shalwar kameez, to the Indian and Pakistani ladies.  So, now the next question is ‘lekin Anaya k joray milengy kahan se?’

The answer is, as always,Babus Clothing UK! Like many other Pakistani Designer brands we have full collections of Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry in UK. And by full we mean, we have their latest Anaya Lawn Collection and Anaya Wedding Collection.

Anaya Lawn Collection!

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry recently launched their exquisite luxury lawn collection and to say it’s absolutely outstanding and amazing would be an understatement. Anaya in UK is well-known for its subtle prints, stunning embroidery and the mix of calm and vibrant colors. The lawn collection like always delivers the best prints and designs for you to shine this summer. The pure lawn fabric adorned with eye-catching prints and embroidery are what sets the brands’ collection apart from others. You may also like: Jhumka Images

The luxury lawn collection by Anaya is nothing less than fabulous. Every dress screams elegance and each print depicts the volume of the effort put into making the perfect dress for your tastes. The collection is the perfect blend of bright and calm colors and each dress has unmatched embroidered designs. Bright and bold colors like red, shocking pink, bottle green, purple and black rule the lawn collection. Some noticeable pieces are AL-2005-a royal and elegant combo of black base and golden embroidery, AL2013-bright red lawn dress with white embroidery and a printed chiffon dupatta, AL2018 and AL2017-elegant bottle green and sophisticated purple based embroidered dresses with printed dupatta and AL2001-a sweet dark pink base with royal gold embroidery and an embroidered net dupatta.

Since the lawn is the fabric of summer and summer is all about pastels, this collection has infused all of the elements of summer in its dresses. The pastel-colored dresses adorned with the simple and delicate embroidery make every outfit one of a kind. This collection has some striking pieces for you: Al2003-a cool peachy dress with golden embroidery and embroidered net dupatta, AL2011-a calming mint green embroidered dress with printed dupatta and many other dresses. All of the dresses from the closet of Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry await you ladies in the UK at Babus Clothing. So get shopping for your summer wardrobe right now only from Babus Clothing at great prices and amazing quality.

Lawn Collection 2020
chiffon wedding collection

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry Wedding Collection

Calling out all the ladies out there who’re ready to rock at their friends or cousin’s mehendi/mayoon/dholki with the most sizzling and exciting outfits Anaya’s offers at Babus Clothing! The trend is so happening in these beautiful outfits that you’ll drool over its shades, cuts and designs. Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry Mehendi collection is based upon multicolor themes with immense embroidery on flowery patterns. The embroidered patterns are equally distributed to make the outfit look sophisticated and magical. Each dress has its own glow that can be matched with jhumkas, teeka and other heavy jewelry we intend to wear at such occasions.

If you’ve got the intention to wear something traditional which means sunny shades or pistachio shades then hop into these codes to find out more about your desired shade: AKM 04, AKM 03 and AKM 01. These dresses coded with Chiffon base topped with silver, golden, pink thread embroideries. Anaya’s Mehendi Collection is available in the form of unstitched and ready to wear. So you can definitely choose to style is your way whether its imagined to be a lehenga, a garaara or an anarkali dress up.

Here’s a little advice on how you can catch up with the ongoing trend in mehendi.  Let’s style Anaya’s AKM 02; this dress in painted in pastel colors of pink and peach that have traditional texturing of bunches and flowers all over, you can choose to wear this one as a sharaara with long kameez or a short ghaagra styled. You could choose to braid you hair or make a rough bun. Your accessories could go simply with jhumka, teeka in pink or golden shades with a stoned choker or a heavy beaded necklace and of course don’t for get to wear your heels shaded in sparkling golden.

Let’s just assume Babus Clothing is making styling fun and active these days by giving us the opportunity to bring in fashion as we want and set trends for many others!

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