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Afrozeh in UK is a leading Pakistani clothing brand.

It stepped in the fashion industry with the ‘focus on providing the best of the best to our customers through our premium sense of aesthetics.’  They have been serving us for three generations now. They offer an extensive range of luxurious Chiffon and velvet dresses. The dresses by Afrozeh in UK are made with dedication and hard work. And their beautiful dresses are an example of this hard work.  

Babus Clothing has joined hands with Afrozeh to provide their dresses to the ladies of the UK.  Afrozeh has launched party, wedding and velvet collections.
The dress in each collection is one of its kind. They have used the best quality fabric to style these dresses for their customers.

The whole wedding collection is designed only for our customers, both young girls, and older ladies. They have scintillating yet stylish wedding dresses.  They are three-piece unstitched dresses. So that you can get it stitched according to your liking.  

Afrozeh Etincelle Chiffon Collection!

This collection is an invite for all those ladies out there who want to look top-notch, elegant and absorb royalty. Afrozeh in UK brings in for you ladies a special treat for your wedding and party ceremonies only on Babus Clothing online! Let’s just say after going through its alluring wear you will definitely end up enhancing the fashion bud that was only being fed with tasteless innovation. The outfits are definitely filled with glittering threads and they carry precious beads and stones to make the designs of the outfits look worth full when worn on any sizzling ceremony.

Afrozeh in UK is offering outfits that bring about the fashion of heavily textured shirts worn along with trousers that have designs on its end too. The taste of fashion and intricate designs are all over the dress. Afrozeh has chosen the dull colors that were hardly chosen by young ladies to wear at weddings. I think that mindset will change after scooping into Afrozeh’s marvelous etincelle chiffon collection.

The dull colors that it, for now, includes are golden dust, magenta, pistachio, velvet blue, dim gray, black shine, and peach shades. Each of these brilliantly innovative outfits includes various textures that are partnered with florals. The embroidery on each one of Afrozeh’s masterpieces is spread all over them. It’s not like any of these outfits have unevenly distributed the designs. They all have their own dimension of showing us how to dazzle in each one of them.

You won’t even need to wear heavy jewelry on these outfits because they have already been designed with rich beads and other accessories that you can just wear a pair of gold or silver tops and rule the occasion you look forward to. Babus Clothing always takes steps to create more opportunities for you to think creatively in fashion and unleashes uncountable choices for you to opt for. Don’t miss the chance to buy these wonderful party dresses only on Babus Clothing!

Afrozeh Etincelle Chiffon Collection 2020!
Afrozeh Alleche Ezlyne Collection 2019

Afrozeh Alleche Ezlyn Collection in UK

Afrozeh in UK has been in the fashion industry since many generations and every time they have something new to offer to their customers. Their specialty lies in intricate, mesmerizing designs and subtle colors in all kinds of luxury fabrics from lawn to chiffon. Each dress is an absolute treat to the eyes with the aesthetic fusion of stunning designs and pastel tones. Details like silver/golden thread and shiny stones are also added to the ensembles to glam them up so you can shine when you dress up.

The new Alleche Ezlyn collection by Afrozeh UK is nothing short of glamorous. The collection revolves around luxurious chiffon dresses that are the perfect fit for weddings, engagements, Eid and other formal events. The delicate embroidery and silver/golden thread work makes each dress look straight out of heaven. Subtle colors teamed with sparkling embellishments really make you look drop-dead gorgeous.

Let’s talk about some of the prominent designs from the Afrozeh Alleche Ezlyn Collection. 01 Blooming Jade-A luxurious grass green chiffon dress adorned with beautiful golden floral embroidery with hints of baby pink, silk trouser and chiffon dupatta with embroidered pallu making it a perfect formal dress, 03 Lavender Frost-A soft lilac/lavender embroidered chiffon dress studded with silver thread work making it shine like the starry night, paired with raw silk trouser and chiffon dupatta, 07-Pearl Daisy-A royal combination of white dazzled with golden floral embroidery, with attachments for the raw silk trouser and chiffon dupatta, the dress which makes sure all eyes are on you.

These and many more colors and styles of Afrozeh Alleche Ezlyn Collection are available at Babus Clothing. With fast delivery all over UK and outside UK, uncompromised quality and great prices, Babus Clothing makes sure you receive the best quality original products right on time for the next event you attend. 

Afrozeh Velvet Collection

Velvet is a beautiful fabric and all women love wearing it in winters. Sadly, many Pakistani brands don’t manufacture velvet suits. Why are we telling you this? Because Afrozeh has a separate velvet collection for velvet lovers. The dresses in velvet collection have beautiful embroidered front and sleeves. Afrozesh UK presented its luxurious velvet collection and ladies rushed to shops.

These four articles are present on exclusive sale offer

  1. Ruby Gloir

This article has embroidered velvet front sleeves. Ruby Gloir has embroidered daman patch for front and back. It has a plain back and plain jamavar trouser trouser

  1. Luxe Margarita

This article has embroidered velvet front sleeves. Luxe Margarita has embroidered daman patch for front and back. It has a plain back and plain jamavar trouser trouser

  1. Regal Gardenia

This article has embroidered velvet front and sleeves. Regal Gardenia has embroidered daman patch for front and back. It has a plain back and plain silk trouser.

  1. Chrome Fiesta

This article has embroidered velvet front and sleeves. Chrome Fiesta has embroidered daman patch for front and back. It has a plain back and embroidered velvet trouser

Afrozeh Velvet Collection 2019

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